Charlie Infection interview!

Here’s the first interview for this blog: one year and a half I used to live in Boston for two months, and i had the pleasure to meet Charlie Infection.  Ok,  he’s not well known as Jan AGX or Mick Harris, but he played in a lot of old bands since the ’80s, he released very good records and now, at the age of 54 years,  he’s still having fun playing the same stuff as he did when he was a young hardcore/metal kid.  I saw him playing with Bone Ritual and Psycho, both at a venue called O’ Briens, in Allston, MA. I’ve missed Psycho euro tour but I hope to see them again one day…

First of all, how are you? what are your main projects right now? I woul like to know more about the new Psycho line up and how went the european tour…

I AM DOING WELL !! ALWAYS SO FREAKING BUSY that i never have time to piss!!
right now my main projects are PSYCHO, BONE RITUAL, GONKULATOR , JESUS CHRUST and my new side project MEAT CURTAIN !!!
ok the PSYCHO line up was : Johnny X- Guitars and Vocals…Ed Lynch on Bass and Vocals and me ..Charlie Infection on Drums and Vocals…up until May of 2011.
thats when Ed decieded he didn’t want to do the European tour and quit the band. We were lucky enough to find our old bassist Mike (1991-1994) and talked him
into coming back in the band . We had just enough time to get a whole new set of tunes practised and ready for the tour !! Would be our first time to Europe !!
The Euro tour went pretty fucking well !! We had Luuk from Doomstar Bookings help us with the bookings !! We ended up playing 13 shows (France,Netherlands, Belguim,
U.K., Germany, Swutzerland and Czech Republic -OEF !!!) Was great to see alot of people that knew us !! We did the whole tour with The Afternoon Gentlemen from England .
We had some really great fun!!

A lot of people don’t know that you have a black metal band named Bone Ritual: the next year it will be the 5° anniversary since they were born! And what about Gonkulator? are they still alive?

Bone Ritual is a slow 2 man project ..with me on drums and Strep Cunt on bass and vocals.We have a demo out and it was picked up and released by Bestial Burst Records in Finland .
we plan on a split LP/CD soon .. we have 6 killers tunes for that.We have played about 7 shows so far now and its always a visual spectical !! our shows always ends with me throwing around
my drum kits !! I fucken love destroying my drums !! hahahah Love it!!
And GONKULATOR has been in hibernation since recording our last “Second war in Heaven” Cd back in 2000..and have not played live since 1996! We have actually just did a recording session a few weeks
ago and have 15 tunes that are worthy to release !!! So I can finally get a few projects completed now !!! We just have to do guitar over dubs and get the vokills done !!!
expect to see this stuff out in 2012 !!Expect to see sick cover art by GOAT MASTER OF WEAPONS !!! sick stuff indeed

Bone Ritual @ O’Briens, pic by me

Along your whole carriere, you have recorded a lot of records and shared a lot of splits with great bands. What is the LP or the split that you’ve recorded that you like most? And what are the forgotten and underrated bands of the ’80s/’90s that deserve more support?

the split 7 inch with AGATHOCLES is fucken awesome !!our recording was done of pure excellence on that one !!a true explosion in your face !!
Also the Gonk/Undinism is awesome too !! actually the Gonk stuff on that is only o.k…. but the Undinism side is fucking great !!!They are from Australia..
Also the best production releases are PSYCHO-“Riches and Fame” 10 inch and “Mass Consumption” ep and the Psycho AG is awesome as well !! True classicks !!
Underrated or over looked bands ….well I always loved ASSUCK and ULCER and of course PSYCHO !!

You have played in a lot of bands since the beginning of the ’80s. I was born in 1989, and my generation is obviously very different from yours. I have known a lot of “old” people that were into metal and punk since those years that complain about a lack of “attitude” in the young dudes. What do you think about the new generations? and about yours? Personally i’ve met some good guys and some others that weren’t active in the “golden years”, that were not at the shows but they think that we are shit because we’re growing up with internet…

That’s a hard question !!! I still enjoy the music and attitude and love playing in a live band !!! It’s just my nature sometimes other people grow up and find different interests….
I just refuse to grow up !! hahahaI work 2 jobs have a wife and 2 young kids and still get out and play a few shows every month !!I dont make it to every show but do make an effort to see my friend’s bands and any kind
of rare appearance by bands like ANGLECORPSE or IMPIETY….I think the younger kidsmostly have good attitudes for the killer music !!
I see lots of of younger kids at shows and know alot of them too ! probally like 90 percent are cool and totally dedicated to the music and local scenes too! You may see some older dudes from the old days…. but that’s usually
and a huge that early Boston HardCore reunion show earlier this year that had DYS and JERRY’S KIDS,SLAPSHOT F.U.’S etc… Lots of the old timers were there … I didnt go..lots of people asked for me….but was too tredny
of a show for me !!no thanks !! Heard Jerry’s Kids really ripped shit up!!

Charlie with GG Allin

Not everybody know that you were the drummer for GG Allin with Bulge and Psycho…what are your best memories with him? What do you think about GG that it was not written in books, articles and reviews about him? I just don’t like that a lot of people listens to his records only because of his attitude, for me their songs were really better than tons of punk ones…

We had alot of great times hanging out with G.G. ! all were crazy and out of controll…but you can’t beat drunken fun!! hahahah right ??!!
When we were hanging with G.G. back in 1985-1986 or so..G.G. was kinda normal !but in extreme way !! He was always cool with us…but sometimes he would fuck with other people!!We played one gig with him..and
earlier that day we were all drinking and smokingin the van and G.G. offered my a “piece of candy” I said ok ..but noticed the candy had the words EX-LAX printed on it … “Ahhhh no thanks G.G.” !! (that stuff will make you shit like crazy!!!)
He said ok … and ate it all himself ! we got to play only 2 songs before the cops broke it up!We had to leave all our equipment an stage and bailed out the back door …. we jumped in the van and raced away ..over someones bushes and lawn and even
drove up a one way road the wrong way to escape the pigs !!We partied for a few hours and another bar and came back of our equipment !! I remember thanking the door guy for saving our equipment for us !! I have alot more killer stories about G.G. too
there would never be enough room here Zenn!! but please check out the album we did with him….”Freaks,Fags Drunks and Junkies” His best album by far !! and G.G. even said it was his favorite album too!

I own some great 7″s that you have produced with Fudgeworthy Records and before with Ax/ction Records: How much was hard to have a label in those years without internet and nowadays social network? What can you recommend for who likes to start a DIY label in these years with new difficulties (file sharing, less shows, the invasion of -core trends)?

we started out back in 1984 or 1985.. we started to put ads in MaximumRocknRoll Magazine and Flipside too ! Mostly was by word of mouth and by spreading around little ads ! I used to call alot of people too !!YES on the telephone !!
I used to write alot of letters too ..and send by the mail !! hahahah communication was the key then!! But writing letters took a while to hear back from people…now with the internet it make all that a lot faster !! Its almost easier too !
before you would have to really search out a rare 7 inch .. now you can hear alot of that on line ! I still like to hols an album in my hands and I really appreciate the artwork etc !!

Live @ Obscene Extreme Fest

What do you think about the grindcore status? what are the bands that you would like to see growing up and doing long tours all over the world? and what are your favourite past and present italian bands?

Grind is very strong at this point! I have seen most of my favorite bands back in the early days…like Napalm Death, Carcass,Assuck,Massacre….and new bands like HOGLUST and 6 Brew Bantha and MESRINE !!
I know a few Itallian bands…RAW POWER,INDIGESTI,WRETCHEDand HAEMOPHAGUS too!!

Psycho new line-up

You are one of the main personalities of the city of Boston what do you think about the Boston’s and the Massachusset’s underground? what bands do you prefere?


What are your favourite bands af all time? Can you make a top 10 (or 20 if it’s not enough) of those records that have influenced you the most?

DISCHARGE-“hear nothing..” LP
TERRORIZER-“Worldownfall” LP
NASUM-first demo…now a split 7 inch with Agathocles
PLASMATICS-“New Hope for the Wretched” LP
DISCHARGE-“Why” 12 inch
DEATH-“Leprosy” LP
SODOM- first 12 inch
SLAYER-“Reigh in Blood” LP
S.O.D.-“Speak English or Die” LP
Brujeria-“Matando Gueros” LP
RAMONES-any !!! and all!!
DEAD KENNEDY’S-“fresh Fruit..” LP
MENTORS-“Up the Dose” LP
BEHERIT-“Oath of Black Blood” LP
SACRED REICH-“Surf Nicaragua” 12 inch

In the last months the whole world was admired for what have appened in New York with the Occupy Wall Street movement. What fo you think about the US economical and political situation? I know that also in Boston there is a movement like in New York City…

I have ignored the whole “occupy” thing…
I have no clue what it is all about !!!!
I try to listen to music when I can and not the news !!

Charlie with his daughters.

This is the most particular question of this interview: During my childhood i used to listen to my father’s records and Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan, Otis Redding and a lot of ’60s/’70s blues/rock stuff was my musical background before metal and grindcore appeared in my life (I’m still a HUGE fan of black and white blues). You have 2 daughters and a lot of records in your house, do they listen to music? Do you thing that this 2 things could combine in the future?

I dont get to listen to “My” music that much as my record player is in the family area !!so if my kids are watching TV then I need to use
the head phones….or I am just outta luck for now..They actually like my music .. well some of it..
but they like shit like Katie Perry and Lady Goo Goo.. But they
have come to a few of our gigs..and seem to like it ok!!
I also just gave one daughter an electric guitar for her birthday !!she is 9 years old !!
she just started lessons … I just hope she sticks with it…hahaha
my older daughter is playing the trumpet now !!

Psycho live @ O’ Briens.  Original line up.

I would like to thank you foryour answers: this is your last space for saying what the fuck do you like to say, from kind words to insults and various injuries..

I dont like to slag people so…. I just want to say thanks for taking the time to read this long winded interview….
and maybe you learned something about me and my integrity and dedication to the underground music scene !!
Fuck trends ….listen to what you like !!
I just want to keep playing in bands and putting out records… Ilike to keep things
underground and I do a mail order service INFECTION DISTRO … hope to have a web site someday…
for now if someone wants my latest list of stuff (black/death/grind etc… cd,tapes,vinyl and shirts) email me at for my lists !!!
thanks Zenn !~!! hope to see you again someday Brother !!
later then Charlie INfection !!!!

Me and Charlie out of O’ Briens

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